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You want to spend some great days of fishing in Portugal?  Know that a Fishing License or permit is mandatory.

There are four types of permits you can aquire, they are:

  • Shore Fishing license - Rock fishing, spinning & surfcasting  » 

Allows the holder of this fishing license  to fish in Portuguese main land coastal area from shore or from small inlets near shore.

Prices »  Daily License  2€ » 1 Mounth License 4€ » 1 Year Licence 8€


  • Boat Fishing license - reef fishing, jigging, trolling »

Allows the holder of this fishing permit  to fish in Portuguese maritime waters from a boat, this license includes  also the "Shore fishing" permit.

In our boats we are allowed to pass this daily fishing permit to our clients through a QR code, wich will send the information directly to the authoritys data base and to our clients mobile phone, activiting the license. A very simple process, a passport, driving license or any other identification card is necessary.

Prices »  Daily License 5€ » 1 Mounth License 12€ » 1 Year Licence 50€


  • Spear Fishing license »

Allows the holder of this fishing permit  to spear fish in Portuguese maritime waters from shore, Important notice - In Portugal is stricktly forbideen to spear fish using scuba diving gear - air bottles or any rebreath gear.

Prices »  Daily License 3€ » 1 Mounth License 10€ » 1 Year License 25€


  • General fishing license »

This is the more complete and expensive fishing permit wich allows the holder of this fishing license  to fish from shore, from a boat and spear fish in Portuguese maritime waters from shore.

Prices »  1 Mounth License 20€ » 1 Year License 70€


We have severall sport fishing programs where the fishing license is already included, contact us for further info or go to »



This fishing licenses/permits can be aquire through the DGRM web site via email or in the ATM´s machines for Portuguese Nationals only.


we recommend »

  • Rememeber there are some exeptions for fishing. like fishing inside harbour areas or ports and in maritime protected areas. 
  • Inside the protected areas there are places where shore fishing is allowed and  areas where fishing is strictly forbiden, to know where to fish feel free to contact us or visit the ICNF site (Institute of Conservation of Nature and Forests) where all the Natural Parks are described as well their rules.
  • Avoid cliff areas in rock fishing or areas where the ties might block your exiting acess.
  • Always pay attention to the high tie marks, this will tell you where it will be safe to fish, avoiding set waves.
  • In Portuguese Islands, Azores and Madeira this permits dont aplly, similar fishing licenses might by issued by the regional island´s authorities.

Feel free to contact us for further info, we in Bolhas Tours will gladly help you for your perfect Portuguese fishing experience!


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We offer sport fishing activities that will make your fishing day a remarkable experience.

We perform different types of boat fishing, depending on the time of year, focusing on fishing for bream - November, December and January, fishing for deep sea species and to fishing for Corvinas XXL - May and June in Lisbon.

We have at your disposal a experienced team and with all the necessary tackle for a fishing trip with great captures, all the necessary fishing permits can be aquired in one of our boats in the boarding moment.

Gather your group and spend a day full of emotion and full of catch on board one of our boats!

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visit here our daily fishing programs in sesimbra, setubal and lisbon!


Visit our interactive Map where all our activities are well depicted and the amazing places where we perform them in this amazing coast of Sesimbra nad Lisbon area!

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